Grants and Awards

Grants and Awards
Stephen A. Comunale, Jr. Family Cancer Foundation to Award $250,000 in Grants in 2017 Bringing Its Total Grants Since Inception to Over $1,750,000!
The Stephen A. Comunale, Jr. Family Cancer Foundation is a local nonprofit organization that impacts the lives of cancer patients and their families on a daily basis by easing their financial burdens.  The Foundation does this through its outreach program which fills the monetary “gaps” that can occur in the finances of cancer patients and their families so that they never have to choose between paying for medical insurance and prescriptions and paying for other necessities such as groceries, housing payments, utility payments, car payments, or even daycare.
What makes the Foundation truly different from other nonprofit organizations is not just the financial “gaps” it fills, but the expediency with which it provides grants to its applicants.  The financial needs of most grant applicants are typically immediate.  As a result, the Foundation and its grant approval committee have implemented procedures that ensure grants are approved and money is made available to applicants within 24 hours of receiving a grant application.  This is a truly unique quality for a grant-giving nonprofit organization, and it ensures that money received from donors is immediately available to those in need.
And it doesn’t stop there!  In addition to providing grants, the Foundation offers a number of specialized programs that both assist with financial burdens and put a smile on the faces of those battling cancer.  Two such original programs include hosting a summer horse camp for kids and a holiday meals program.  As the Foundation grew, it founded Jane’s Sunshine Fund in memory of Jane Comunale.  Proceeds from Jane’s Sunshine Fund are used to make the lives of those dealing with cancer a little better by doing things that will make them smile, including sending them flowers, providing them with a gift certificate to a favorite restaurant, or assisting them with a child’s birthday party.
As the Foundation reaches nearly $1.5 million in grants and specialized programs, it has continued to grow with the addition of the Sunshine Bag program in 2013.  Through this program, cancer patients going into chemotherapy for the first time receive a colorful, cheery tote bag from the Foundation filled with, among other things, blankets, snacks, games, journals, and other items cancer patients typically need or would like to have when going through chemotherapy. 
Since its inception in 2006, the Foundation has grown in many ways in its efforts to assist those battling with cancer.  From providing much-needed grants that assist with basic life necessities to implementing the various specialized programs discussed above, the ways the Foundation helps are endless.  The Foundation strives to be there in a meaningful way for each family’s specific needs, including through its specialized programs.  
2016 marked our TENTH ANNIVERSARY.  We celebrated a decade of giving and recapped our history.  Since inception, the Foundation has:
Given away more than 600 SUNSHINE BAGS (since 2013) to newly diagnosed cancer patients, 
Provided more than 300 children an opportunity to participate in a SUMMER HORSE CAMP at Victory Gallop and Buffalo Therapeutic Riding Center, 
Rode the POLAR EXPRESS with more than 150 families, 
Provided ART THERAPY through the McDowell Cancer Center to over 700 people, 
Provided more than 100 MAMMOGRAMS to underinsured or uninsured women through the Summa Screens and Muffins for Mammograms program, 
AND by the end of 2016, a decade of giving added up to $1.5 MILLION given in small grants to provide immediate assistance with mortgage payments, rent, utility bills, groceries, and gasoline.