Individual Grant Giving Program

Individual Grant Giving Program
This is a year-round program, which provides day-to-day financial assistance to individuals and families who touch Summit County, Ohio, and are being treated for cancer.  Provided below are the qualifications for this program.  Some examples of how we help are:  mortgage or rent assistance, transportation or gas costs, daycare costs, utility assistance, food assistance and the list goes on and on...
  1. Families who have a member receiving active treatment for cancer (active treatment = treatment within the past calendar year).
  2. The patient must either be a resident of Summit County or receive treatment within Summit County.
  3. If you or your immediate family member is in need of financial assistance that cannot be covered by insurance or other means of support. Medical bills are not covered by the Foundation grant program however medical equipment that is not covered by insurance can be considered.
  4. If you can show need of assistance by providing verification and documentation.
To learn more or to download a grant application, please click here.