Summa Screens

In 2014, the Stephen A. Comunale, Jr. Family Cancer Foundation became involved with Summa Screens Mammography Program through Summa Health System.  Summa Screens is a cancer screening program that provides free mammograms, breast ultrasounds and core biopsies to low-income, uninsured, or underinsured women.  Each year, the Foundation provides funding for over 60 mammograms.


Summa Screens is intended to assist women that need a screening mammogram; are between the ages of 40 and 64 (most women age 65 or older qualify for free mammograms through Medicare); are younger than 40 and experiencing symptoms or if a close relative has/had breast cancer.  Women in need of a breast mammogram and/or breast ultrasound are qualified on a case-by-case basis by Summa Health System.  If you're interested in qualifying for free breast imaging services, call Summa Health System at (330) 375-7300.