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The Foundation's Story


A cancer diagnosis affects each individual and family differently. At the Stephen A. Comunale, Jr. Family Cancer Foundation we strive to serve those in need in whatever way would benefit them the most. Financial grants are the largest program our Foundation supports. Some examples of this financial support include real life examples below:

  1. A financial grant was provided to an applicant for rent, electric, gas, and household needs. This young individual is battling advanced stage cancer which had metastasized to other areas. Their treatment was so debilitating they had to leave their full-time job and most of their family and ex-spouse live out of the area and are unable to provide help.
  2. A financial grant was provided to an applicant who is battling advanced stage cancer. They are on leave from their job without pay and are on private health insurance. Their spouse has also had a major medical crisis within the last couple of years and is unable to work. The family has been using their savings since the applicant’s treatment for cancer began a few months ago. The applicant and their spouse live with one young child and they have a large extended family with older children and grandchildren. Our foundation provided a grant for gas and electric assistance along with groceries.
  3. An individual applied for a financial grant after being diagnosed the prior year with stage two cancer in two locations. Due to the pandemic, surgery for this individual was postponed. This individual was able to return to work and continue treatment but just six months later, the cancer had progressed in both areas and the applicant was hospitalized multiple times due to another medical crisis. The applicant is not planning to return to work and was the breadwinner for their family. The spouse is unable to work due to a disability. The couple have exhausted their savings while paying medical bills. Our foundation provided assistance with rent.
  4. An applicant was referred to our foundation by a friend after having to leave his job as they work through treatment. The individual had been too proud to ask for any assistance up until now and while they are optimistic about returning to work, their spouse and physician do not believe that will be possible. The couple does not have health insurance. Our foundation provided support with groceries and gas.

Our application committee reviews applications with an average turnaround time of 48 hours between submission of a completed application to approval. Applicants most often are referred to our foundation by social workers, however, they may also be self referred.

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